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  As company of manufacturer for Earphones, Head phones and small speakers, we perform and manage all processes from product planning ,development and design to manufacturing at one place for completion of those function in China .

1) Our engineering group develop and design for products performing of high quality, reliability and productivity,
    evaluating those design for packing, mechanical structures and electric characteristic through design
    process. We propose our idea for product design or idea for more better performance, according to
    customer requirements.
    Upon customer 's requests, we make sample for development mock-ups, prototype production sample in  
    quickly. We'll arrange for starting mass production in short time after customer's qualification.
* Development and Design for Driver Unit, Diaphragm
* Solid & surface modeling, Housing design, Mechanism design
* Electronic circuit design
* Packing design (Blister, Mount, Carton Box, Print )
* Evaluation and selection for appropriate material and parts

2) We can perform variety of reliablity tests.
* Temperature and Humidity test
* Wire bending test
* Weathering test
* Salt spray test
* Variety of Paint/Print test
* Vibration test

3) We provide high quality and safety products through ISO9001 and ISO14001 system with strict
    managements. We comply with chemical management system to meet RoHS, REAH and other regulations
    reducing hazardous elements.
* Manufacturing with training and education.
* Operator will be allocated correctly with qualification to work for specific manufacturing process.
* Keeps improving the productivity and production efficiency.
* Keeps taking action for improving quality in manufacturing process.
* Products and materials will be inspected with Japanese brand Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer for
   RoHS hazardous elements.
* Instruct the management to the supplier for RoHS and other regulations reducing hazardous elements.
* Vender selection system for QCD competitive supplier with fair evaluation.
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